Report on the latest performances

Flora Iranica Exhibition photo

Flora Iranica “From the foothills of the Alborzto the peaks of the Alps” Curated by Farshido Project manager: Nima Shokraei   :Participating artists David Eisl, Hannah Stippl, Regina Anzenberger, Karin Maria Pfeifer, Marianne Lang, Michaela Putz, Karin Pliem, Christina Gruber, Yvonne Oswald, and Christopher Wittine In cooperation with Austrian Cultural Forum (ÖKF) Tehran,Natural History Museum Vienna […]

Backlash Exhibition written on the wall

Backlash Backlash proposal for the Middle East program 2022 of the Yassi Foundation is constructed with regards to the urgency of thinking from the body through the filter of heterogeneous and polymorphous desires. The body presents itself as the place of a concentration of energy, that of a vital impulse, the starting point of action. […]

Pop-Up Clouds at Yassi Foundation In 2019 and in collaboration with Yassi Foundation, Arash exhibited a series of his digital paintings and showcased mixed media installations in an event, which was titled “ Pop-up Clouds”. By conceptualizing his perception of urban spaces’ ambience in the post-internet era and glorifying his anti-commodity approach to the arts […]

징 WM_A28 TCM_200DV BK26 BK26 Audio/Video Noise Performance at Yassi Foundation His work ranges from kinetic sound installations and interactive installations to audio-video noise performances. Tiefengraber experiments with the modification of devices, which are originally manufactured for different purposes. Combined with the perception of the audience, this experimental attempt of exploring old and new materials […]

SHYM at Yassi Foundation During October, 2016 and for the anniversary of Yassaman Pirbastami’s passing, Ali Phi’s Shym project was exhibited in Yassi Foundation. Two walls covered by 15 meter-long mirrors formed a corridor in which the observer would listen to a piano piece composed by Ali in remembrance of Yassaman and glance at the […]