SHYM at Yassi Foundation

During October, 2016 and for the anniversary of Yassaman Pirbastami’s passing, Ali Phi’s Shym project was exhibited in Yassi Foundation. Two walls covered by 15 meter-long mirrors formed a corridor in which the observer would listen to a piano piece composed by Ali in remembrance of Yassaman and glance at the parallel generated lines pass them in a moment of stillness. 

Installation Views



Time is the main problem
Everything starts with it & fades into it
In this short cycle and in sufficient power
Being mortal, is the most beautiful thing

By: Ali Phi

In Memory of Yasaman Pirbastami

About Ali

Ali Phi (Ali Alipanahi)  is an Iranian computer artist based in Toronto. His fields of studies consisted of experimental cinematic arts and environmental engineering which are unambiguously palpable in his works. He is interested in ancient Persian poetry, eastern philosophy and Middle Eastern customs and traditions and tries to infuse these elements with essential components of his work, such as an inextricable combination of audio and visuals, light and most important of all, humans. In his words: “After a while I found out that humans are the main part of my installations as well as sound, darkness & light. So I started to look at this concept of humans in my imagination as something much more different than what I experienced in real life. I tried to look at it as a unique piece, praise this concept and face them to themselves in a sublime position” [1]. Despite the presence of mobility in Ali Phi’s immersive installations and generative audio-visual designs, his artwork promotes stillness.


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