About Yassi

Our dearest Yassaman left us all too soon on October 8th, 2015 in her 31st year. Her passion was painting and her profession was biology but her greatest asset was kindheartedness. Yassi commenced painting at Mahe Mehr art institute under the supervision of Nosratollah Moslemian. In pursuit of her passion for art she attended various courses ranging from history, contemporary art and writing to art business focused programs at both Mahe Mehr and Sotheby’s Institute of Art . Her paintings were exhibited at Jorjani Gallery. She worked at Aun and Etemad galleries and was a member of the organizing team in charge of several prominent Iranian artist’s exhibitions. Her aspiration was to open her own gallery. We intend to carry on her artistic legacy through the arts at Yassi Foundation.  This living memorial attempts to commemorate her aesthetic talent by assisting artists to present their inventiveness.  A gallery for contemporary and unique arts was her dream and we hope to fulfill it.


A Selection of Her Paintings