About Us

Yassi Foundation was established in October, 2016 in the memory of Yassaman Pirbastami whose tragic passing left us all devastated. The foundation aspires to create a space of dialogue amongst the contemporary artists in the Middle East and beyond by devoting the means at its disposal.

Our Mission

Our short-term objective is to pay homage to the Middle Eastern contemporary and progressive arts and cultivating a latitude of connectedness between global and regional art scenes. The spectrum will later expand beyond the region.

Supporting artists of intersecting identities, which is of utmost significance to us, who aspire to alter our thought processes about the world and bolster experimentality through their practices, enables us to contribute to global critical discourse.

Simultaneously, as a non-profit and independent foundation, we are dedicated to facilitating multicultural dialogue and artistic exchange through partnerships, production support, residencies and exhibitions. We aim to contribute to public sphere by developing costless educational courses, publishing, conversation/discussion sessions and public art projects.